Monday, December 5, 2011

Preloved:3 Ring Sling untuk di jual

1. Psling, imported from Japan. Bought it on Januari from sweet mama here. Linen 100%, Silver rings, Length - around 76 inches without rings. The grad is smooth and it goes from black to sage green. Excellence Used Condition. 
Asking price is less than what I paid RM290 
Reason for selling: Nak beli color lain ;p

2. Selling my custom Mama Patch Raw Silk RS . Excellence Used Condition.
love the fabric raw silk very much. cooling to skin so suitable to wear outdoor and stunning 
shining fabric that suitable to wear it on special occasion like wedding ceremony.
 RM140 shipped.
Reason for selling: Nak beli color lain ;p

3. Brand: Kalea Baby
Lenght/Size: 70"/ S size
Ring size/color: big/slate
Fabric: double layer linen and silk: sebelah linen sebelah silk, but i not sure what kind of silk.. look like dupioni silk {dont know, i guess}
Color: Peach and brown
Shoulder stlye: Kalea Gathered Shoulder
Good Used Condition
Selling for RM240 shipped
Reason for selling: Color too girly.. ;p

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