Saturday, June 9, 2012

For Sale: Petite Toddler Neo Dream Carrier

For Sale: Petite Toddler Neo Dream Carrier

I bought this on December 2011 from a friend because of the cute robot but never wore it (i was pregnant). Sadly im not fit in standard straps. Dont want to hoard it anymore. So this one have to go.

It has contoured shoulder straps (standard straps lenght not petite), dual adjustable side release shoulder strap buckles, a supportive, structured 3 peice contoured waist band, dual adjustable webbing chest strap, elastic at the webbing ends to roll up loose webbing and flat hood. 

- Color/print: Robot Gear Garden for the body panel and Robot in The Garden (by weelife) for the flat hood and Graphite Straps
- Condition: Excellence used condition.
- Extra item(s): Chest Strap 
- Missing item(s): none

Selling this for RM600 including postage. 3x Payment Plan accepted.

alynn fazz

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